Environmental Remediation

Custom solutions tailored to our customers' specific goals and budget

RSI Environmental Remediation cleans and rehabilitates contaminated sites, restoring them to their natural condition. Extensive experience with engineering, logistics, and management allow us to create and execute custom solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, tailored to your needs, budget, and timeline.

Environmental Remediation Services

Before drawing up a strategic plan, RSI experts carefully assess your site to determine the size and scope of contamination. Once we understand the extent of its impact, we set to work segregating, digging, loading, transporting, and disposing of polluted soil and groundwater. We employ every method necessary to eliminate harmful substances from your site and the surrounding environment, including:

Soil Excavation

Directly removes soil contaminated with heavy metals, petroleum products, or industrial chemicals. Excavators and backhoes dig up the contaminated material and backfill the site with clean dirt, sand, and gravel.

In-Situ Injections

Mixes chemical oxidizers into contaminated soil in order to neutralize toxic chemicals - improving soil strength, reducing permeability, and mitigating erosion risks.


Blends bacteria, fungi, and plants into contaminated soil. The microorganisms degrade and detoxify pollutants by breaking them down into less harmful substances for use as metabolic energy.

Chemical Blending

Treats specific types of contaminants by mixing specialized surfactants, solvents, and oxidizing agents into the soil in order to mobilize pollutants and make them more accessible for treatment.

Product Recovery

 Extracts and reclaims harmful substances from contaminated soil and groundwater. Often used in situations where contaminants or their byproducts can be recycled or reused.

Pump and Treat

Brings polluted water to the surface, where it can be decontaminated through processes such as filtration, air stripping, and chemical treatment before being pumped back into the ground or utilized for non-potable purposes.

Soil Vapor Extraction

Wells and vacuum pumps draw volatile organic compounds out of the soil, so they can be treated through activated carbon adsorption or thermal oxidation.

Soil Encapsulation

Uses solidification agents such as cement or lime to isolate and immobilize contaminants within soil instead of extracting them, to prevent them from spreading into the surrounding environment.

Navigating Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets stringent standards for commercial and industrial sites. Large-scale cleanup projects require a deep knowledge of local, state, and federal directives, in order to avoid legal liability and expensive regulatory fines. Partnering with RSI gives you access to a team of experts who excel at developing and implementing solutions that prioritize safety and environmental health, in adherence to the strict criteria laid down by the EPA.

RSI Environmental Remediation cleans and overhauls sites contaminated by hazardous waste. Our engineering, logistical, and management skills have made us America's premier environmental remediation provider, capable of treating, transporting, and disposing of any type of hazardous or nonhazardous waste. Contact us today for more information about our remediation solutions or for help rehabilitating your property.

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Since 1993, RSI has completed over 1,500 projects in 36 states. Our clients include a vast network of engineering firms and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

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