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Remediation Services Inc.


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RSI provides a broad spectrum of environmental services featuring remedial action activities including air sparging; air stripping; soil vapor extraction; groundwater extraction and injection systems; asbestos and lead based paint removal; landfill capping and collection systems; sediment remediation; on-site chemical stabilization, lagoon closures; sludge de-watering; solidification; building decontamination and demolition; bio-remediation; underground storage tank (UST) / AST cleaning and removal; construction and O&M of groundwater pump & treatment systems; LTM; and excavation and off-site disposal of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) - contaminated waste materials. RSI has had the opportunity to provide environmental remediation services to many clients providing cost effective solutions to their problems while complying with applicable mandates. 

Approximately 90% of our business comes from repeat clients. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  Through this commitment, RSI stands ready to anticipate and meet the challenges of a constantly changing world.

Since opening its doors in 1993, RSI has completed over 1,500 projects in 36 states. Our clients include a vast network of engineering firms and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas


Services provided:

  • Excavation and on-site chemical stabilization of characteristic hazardous waste, allowing the waste to be disposed of as nonhazardous waste at local “Subtitle D” disposal facilities.
  • Excavation and chemical stabilization of listed hazardous waste, allowing the waste to be directly disposed of at “Subtitle C” (RCRA) disposal facilities.
  • Lagoon closures, sludge de-watering, and solidification.
  • Decontamination and Demolition of manufacturing plants. Installation of Soil Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Treatment Systems.
  • Horizontal Borings.
  • Bio-remediation of organic and hydrocarbon contaminated soils.
  • Air stripping and In-situ treatment of organic contaminated soils.
  • Underground storage tank cleaning and removal (levels A, B, & C support systems utilized during buried object removals, tank and rail car cleaning, drum handling, and site characterization).
  • Operation of groundwater pump & treat systems.
  • Excavation and off-site disposal of TSCA- contaminated waste materials.
  • State Voluntary Clean-up Programs efforts.